«The four-handed virtuosity of the two young pianists was unique, once thoughtful played, then again vivacious, then emotional. The presented works by Beethoven, Schubert, Poulenc and Debussy filled the audience with enthusiasm, as did the contemporary work of William Bolcom, which moved in a rhythmic and danceable manner. The encore with Schumann’s Evening Song ended this incredible concert evening. An unforgettable world class piano recital!»

Engadiner Post, 24th July 2018


«Such firework, such unity and virtuosity of the two four hand playing pianists was an absolute climax!»

Lo-Na, Muri, 13th June 2015


«The large audience was very impressed and enjoyed their performance at Suntory Hall greatly. This fresh and charming duo has not only won many fans but surely increased the number of fans of classical music at their Japanese tour this time.»

Haruki Matsunaga, Editor, Tokyo, 30th February 2015


«The superb team of pianists Yuka Munehisa from Japan and Samuel Fried (Carnegie Audience Award recipients) from Switzerland presented 4-hands music by Rosenblatt, who at times channels Gershwin and George Shearing, with strong hints of Kapustin. Their performance was highlighted by their cute stage presence, with a nice little “after you” sort of act, complete with Twister-type bench movement. They have great teamwork and present a beautifully matched, fully integrated sound. This was a fabulous concert-ender that received a big audience reaction.»

Jeffrey James, Editor, New York, 9. Juni 2013


«A listening pleasure at the highest level. The duo plays super-accurate and very dynamic. Everything blends perfectly together. …Their playing is soulful, sensitive in expression. There is a breathing together and a moving together. …There plays a duo with world-class format. That will not be forgotten. …The audience was enthusiastic. A musical moment of glory went by way too fast.»

Wohler Anzeiger, 27th March 2012


«What the Arte Animi pianoduo offered was beyond the imagination of the large audience. … Rachmaninov, Debussy, Dukas and Rosenblatt were played. The audience was happy to be whisked away. … The duo demonstrated its harmony
in their play and the dialogue with eyes and body language. And finally it was a tremendous experience to see with what dexterity the two pianists accomplished the high tempo of the composition of Alexander Rosenblatt. Their encores by Camille Saint-Saëns and Rachmaninov ended a concert, which was rewarded with huge applause.»

Kilchberger, 12th December 2012


««The Arte Animi pianoduo is a major discovery in the world of classical music. It impresses the listener with its sensitivity to musical phrases, thrilling temperament and consistency in presenting musical ideas!»

Prof. Jenny Zaharieva, Jury President of the «Music & Earth International Competition», 28th April 2012